Leading The Way In local Building Rendering

Rendering  1When the external walls of a building have been constructed from concrete blocks or existing brickwork is in poor condition, it is standard practice to protect the block/brickwork from the weather and give them a smooth finish by applying coats of render.¬† Traditionally renders have been made from a sand, cement and waterproof mix and finished whilst still wet. The sand and cement render has then traditionally been painted to give it a more attractive colour and to further protect it from the elements. 

A more recent alternative is the use of one coat renders. These are self coloured pre-mixed cement renders that are finished when dry. These renders can either be hand-applied or machine-applied (sprayed on). They have the advantage of never having to be painted.

Rendering 2

Walls that have been previously been rendered can also degrade over time due to weathering. If the degradation is moderate then it may be possible to repair the affected areas (patching). In other cases it maybe necessary to completely strip off the old rendering and apply new coats of render.